Making Money with Friends is Just, Fun

Making money together can be so much fun when there’s sisterhood and community! BlackWoman.Biz is your online platform to improve your business online presence and earn sales revenue in the co-op. All you have to do is become a member, invite other Black-woman owned businesses, and then network to buy what you need and sell what you want to other members. Unlimited earning potential for every business member. Let’s take a closer look at how this works.

1. Join to Unlock All Benefits and Features

Membership is loaded with ways to attract customers to your business. You get a pretty-looking verified directory listing with options to showcase images and video + directory listing editing, statistics, and reviews + we do advertising to get traffic here + save your favorites for co-op shopping + discounts on digital services + so much more.

2. Invite Others to Increase Potential Earnings

The magic in making money is by telling us about a business or telling someone else. Our goal is for all members to buy directly from each other for stuff you already buy anyway. If you follow the honorary code and buy from at least one Black-woman owned business at least once a month and spend at least $50 you can help keep member businesses in business including your own. Do the math on how much you can earn for your business and all Black woman-owned business…it’s amazing. You have unlimited earning potential for your business. Save your favorites in your account to make it easy to find what you need from other member businesses or just browse the directory categories.

3. Network to Buy and Sell

Now you can up-the-ante! This where you can really shine. Just like you, members have joined to get leads for their business. Instead of cold calls, you can direct message members that could turn into prospects for more business. Work together with your sistah to make it happen. We’re here to support you and we want you to be a success and have fun.

All Benefits & Features