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The next online pop-up event will be Friday, November 15th at 7PM ET. Stay tuned for more information. 

What is an online pop-up shop?

An online pop-up shop is just like an in-person flash sales event, except it broadcasts over the Internet and Web. You join and participate by using a Web browser or a downloadable app. You purchase from vendors online, in the comfort of your own environment.

One of the awesome benefits of having the event online is that you can buy and sell digital goods, products, and services while interacting with the business owner while you use their website.

All of the preparation depends on where you will be and the device you plan to use to participate. You should find it a lot more convenient than an in-person pop-up shop!

All Participants

If you’d like to attend an online pop-up shop as a participant or vendor, you need to join with a membership plan. There is no cost to attend.

For the best experience, use a computer or mobile device with a reliable Internet connection. You will need speakers to hear the presentations. A microphone and camera is optional, but is needed if you will present video or speak to the crowd.

Be ready to shop online at the time of the event.

Featured Vendors

Each Featured Vendor gets up to 10 minutes to present to the event attendees. Live video, screen sharing, and audio will be available for you to mix and match how you’d like to pitch your business offerings.

With this, you will need to have phone or voice over IP, a camera, and an on-screen presentation to share—whatever fits the needs of what you will present.

A few creative ideas you might want to include in your presentation:

  • Take a poll
  • Get responses via chat
  • Have an online contest or trivia to win a giveaway
  • Show a video
  • Invite a participant to the stage with video
  • Send the audience to your website or social media to opt-in

To make the most of each event to help you sell more, remember to invite everyone you know. Forward the email invite or text them the web address to go register for the event.

See the fee to be a Featured Vendor.

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