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A claimed directory listing is one that has been verified and has a check mark near the top of the web page. The Solopreneur or Signature Membership plan comes with a claimed directory listing.

The verified business owner has purchased and can edit and view statistics for the web page. The claimed listing shows as verified to let users know that the business owner is active on BlackWoman.Biz.

Before You Can Claim a Directory Listing Web Page

You must join for free and get a Basic directory listing web page before you can claim it. After you see your business listed in the directory, follow the instructions below. Or you can purchase a Signature membership plan to get a claimed listing.

Claim a Directory Listing Web Page

To claim your listing, find a business and click on the Claim this listing link. Then proceed to purchase a Signature plan.

After you purchase, your business directory listing web page will get approved to appear as Verified. Then you can log in to customize it and view statistics.

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