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All membership plans, free and paid, allows you access to BlackWoman.Biz online pop-up shops.

An online pop-up shop is just like an in-person sales event, but it’s broadcasted over the Internet and Web. You join using a computer or mobile device by logging into a website or app. The number of attendees varies.

When are online pop-ups held?

Online pop-ups are at least 6 times a year. Events are held on Fridays 7PM – 10PM ET (adjust for your time zone). Past and future dates:

  • 2019: March 31st, May 10th, June 14th, August 16th, October 18th, November 29th
  • 2020: February 21st, April 17th, June 19th, August 14th, October 16th, November 27th

How do I join or enter into the event?

You should have received an email invite with the event link to join and the meeting ID or password. Be sure you have added @blackwoman.biz to your address book so that it doesn’t go into your spam or junk folder.

You can also find a link to the event on the Community Dashboard.

How do I shop at an online pop-up?

Attendees shop and purchase during the online pop-up directly from a business’ website or in the Vendors Marketplace using all major forms of payment. We also encourage attendees to browse the Community Directory to save their Favorites for future purchases.

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