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1. What is an online pop-up shop?

It’s just like an in-person pop-up shop, but over the Internet.

An in-person pop-up shop is a flash sale or short-term sales event in a temporary space—could be one or more vendors. With an in-person pop-up, you have to travel to the physical location.

An online pop-up shop is over the Internet using a Web browser or app. You can be wherever you are and use your computer or mobile device to log on and participate. It’s less hassle compared to an in-person pop-up. You shop from vendors online through their website or in the BlackWoman.Biz Vendors Marketplace. Featured Vendors present on the virtual stage.

2. Does it cost to attend?

It does not cost to attend and participate; however, you have to be at least a SupportHer member. (See membership plans.) You can interact, connect, and exchange info with any of the participants through chat.

3. What are the benefits of being a Featured Vendor?

Being a Featured Vendor is the best way to turn attendees into leads and customers because you have the attention of everyone that is logged into the event.

As a Featured Vendor you get to do a presentation, pitch, or demo for your business to encourage attendees to do business with you.

During your time you can interact with the attendees using any combination of audio, video, or screen sharing. You can ask questions, take a poll or survey, and get feedback. You can also do things like have the attendees Like or Follow you on social media, opt into your email list, save you as a Favorite or post a review in the BlackWoman.Biz Community. You can invite them to shop from you on your website or through the BlackWoman.Biz Vendors Marketplace.

See the fee to be a Featured Vendor.

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