BWB Benefits

There are so many reasons to join the BlackWoman.Biz network!

  • We advertise to attract members and shoppers to earn money for your business.
  • Sisterhood and community.
  • To confirm our Black buying and spending power.
  • Help protect the integrity and accuracy of data about Black woman-owned businesses.
  • Amplify your online business presence and increase findability.
  • Online word of mouth about your business with our Share buttons.
  • Increase your business brand awareness.
  • Strengthen your business reputation.
  • Improve local, regional, and worldwide visibility.
  • Opportunity to get noticed by sponsors and funding opportunities.
  • Our existence is to help your business succeed.
  • Help making money online with discounted digital services e.g., websites, ebooks, and banner ads

Join the BWB Network

BlackWoman.Biz features

BWB Basic Directory Listing

Any business can list their business name, website address, location, description, and get reviews at no cost. To get a free Basic Directory Listing, fill out the contact form to Tell Us.

BWB Premium Directory Listing

We advertise to attract shopping for verified members! Get the most extended directory listing possible that includes:

  • Business name
  • Business website address
  • Detailed location info
  • Product and service description
  • Product and service reviews
  • Claimed and verified seal
  • Logo and photo gallery
  • Phone and email
  • Video website address

BWB Directory Listing Editing

Log in and make as many changes as you like to your listing. We’ll review the change and it’s live!

BWB Directory Listing Statistics

Your stats dashboard will tell you how your listing is doing so you can always strive to improve your directory listing details.

BWB Member Messaging

Reach out directly to other members, as many as you like, to form business relationships and encourage shopping for your products and services.

BWB Meet and Greets

Meet other members, hear about their business or tell them about yours. Join us for meet and greets once we reach 10,000 listings!

Co-op Shopping and Earning

Each member has an honorary commitment to buy from other members with a total purchase of $50 or more from at least one business a month. The point is to earn sales revenue for your business and their business. To  make it easy for your to shop, members can save their favorites.

BWB Discount on Featured Ads

Featured ads display on every directory listing. Space is limited. To learn more, log into your account and click on Featured Ads in the navigation menu.