The BlackWoman.Biz directory contributes to the movement and the mission, which is to generate millions of transactions and dollars directly to Black woman-owned businesses and entrepreneurs. We provide support for you to sell more products and services and to increase sales revenue.

Finally! A place and a platform that encourages you to advertise, market and sell to members in the cooperative community.

Hi Ladies,

It’s Natasha, the Founder of BlackWoman.Biz. We’ve got a lot of work to do. Let me explain.

It’s exciting to know that, according to several sources (just Google it), that Black women are more educated than ever and we’re the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs in recent years. But, let’s be honest. There are a lot of hurdles to get a business established including legalizing the business, finding partners and reliable contributors, finding the right mentors and educating yourself. Then, after you get in business, you need customers to stay in business. I mean, the end game is to earn sales revenue by selling products and services and most importantly make a profit. That’s where BlackWoman.Biz comes in. Will you join me in helping as many of our sistah businesses sell their products and services? 

There’s no magic, secret recipe here. It’s simple: become a member because you can commit to buy directly from at least 1 business member per month and spend at least $50—no limits. And BlackWoman.Biz is all about providing tools for you to advertise and connect with members as much as you like to form connections and maybe even a few deals to help each other earn coins for your business. In a nutshell, BlackWoman.Biz is here to promote products and services offered by Black woman-owned businesses and Black woman entrepreneurs to help them earn money to stay in business. Yep, we are are a Black-woman owned business for us, by us.

We’re fully launching this year with the goal of 10,000 Black woman-owned businesses and entrepreneurs that buy directly from each other at least once a month and spend at least $50. Did you know that in a year that’s $6 million and 120,000 transactions? That’s amazing and do-able at the same time considering there’s more than 2 million Black woman-owned business in the United States alone according to the U.S. Census Bureau. That #BlackGirlMagic is real!

And there's more

Isn’t it annoying when you go to a small business website and you can’t tell who the “real person” is behind the business curtain? Connect with me on LinkedIn or call or text me at 404-736-7145.

Here’s to years of business success,

Natasha T.

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