Hey Sis!

Who else out there is fascinated with nonfiction, true stories, facts, testimonies, and biographies? I admit that I even dabble in reality TV and talk shows because I love seeing people work through their challenges to get to the win (or learn the lesson). 

Black Woman Business Owners are the fastest-growing demographic of entrepreneurs in the United States. So, we have a lot of nonfiction, true stories, facts, biographies, and realities that need to be shared. 

I invite you to SHARE YOUR STORY of business goals, wins and challenges to inspire, empower, and teach lessons. 

Comment below to tell us in 2000 words or less how you’ve survived and succeeded in business. 

By submitting your story, you give permission to share your story on the BlackWoman.Biz website and in this BlackWoman.Biz Community. Your story will be reviewed before being published.

Remember to bookmark this page so you can pop in later to read about your sisters in business. It’s another way to get support when you need it.

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